“If Shopify is to teach someone how to fish, using WordPress for your e-commerce store is like giving them a mediocre fishing rod that blows up if you try to change the bait.”
Cornelis Olsen, Founder & Shopify Expert
The Full Package
The Full Package is coi’s signature package. A project journey in 6 phases over 10 weeks, consisting of design, development, and SEO.
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The Standard Package
The Standard Package is a mix of a set theme and bits of custom design, fitting your brand. The Homepage, Product Page, and Sidecart will be 100% custom to your brand.
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The 1 Day Shopify Store
Exactly what it says. You get a full Shopify-store in just 1 Day. The 1 Day offer is right in time where the demand and market is fast. Instead of months and months, sometimes even years of designing and developing, we partner-up with Shopify to build a fantastic store in a quick way.
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The Retainer
The retainer aims to keep pushing and iterate on making your Shopify store the best it can be. While the priority of the retainer might vary from month to month there are some things that never change.
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